Moving From Medium To DARA

2 min readMar 12, 2022

After eight months of toil, The Immutable Network have unleashed the DARA Extension in the Chrome Web Store.

The time has finally come. The time has come to permanently save and make immutable my articles, from ARRR to ZANO.

Originally published on a crypto news site some years ago, then republished on Medium following that site’s closure (which ultimately inspired The Immutable Network) the articles will now find their home on DARA.

The DARA browser extension saves each article to IPFS, and then each IPFS hash on Binance Smart Chain. The process costs roughly a nickel and dime worth of $DARA token, and takes only a few seconds.

The Immutable Network hosts a cluster of IPFS nodes and uses the blockchain records as an immutable database to verify and authenticate its library of information.

When saving I can add my DARA (BSC) address to the blockchain record. All my work will be republished using my account, and readers can be sure that any other articles published with my blockchain address must be mine.

Once saved I’ll tweet out some of my favorite writings with some side-by-side pics so everybody can see the power of the DARA browser extension in making perfect copies which will outlast their counterpart on Medium.

I truly hope that bloggers, journalists, researchers, students, teachers, tweeters, writers and readers will use the DARA extension to save what is most important to them.




The Immutable Network (DARA), founder. Immutable builds free blockchain products and platforms to fight censorship and stop data loss. Also a journalist/writer.