What I look forward to, among many things, is the opportunity to bring to the market a product which is simple to use, free to use, and self-sustaining as long as a small percent of users take advantage of our premium features. I want the DARA Chrome extension, which starts life by saving blogs and articles posts to IPFS and attesting authorship with records of hashes/title/date/author to The Immutable Ledger on BSC, to blow this space away.

Our devs will deliver, and when in future VC fund managers ask how much The Immutable raised to release DARA which seduced million of writers to move to The Immutable publishing platform, and they’re told “around 70 thousand dollars,” I want them to laugh louder and deeper than they have since high school.

I have a dream that DARA will usher in a new class of free products that leverage the best technologies to empower us, the people, to reclaim what is rightfully ours — our words.

The Immutable Network (DARA), founder. Immutable builds free blockchain products and platforms to fight censorship and stop data loss. Also a journalist/writer.